A Community Park for Forestburg

June 21, 2022

A new community park across the street from The Station would make Railroad Avenue much more attractive. Located between Moore's Shop Easy Food Store and the Masonic Hall, it is an ideal location. Every community benefits from parks, and park areas. In Paris, France one third of its geographical area is parks.

At the moment, this area is a grassy lot, but it could be much more. Parks in general have walkways, a central focus such as a pond, a statue, a structure of beauty and a shelter. It could be a gazebo, a pagoda or some kind of a pavilion. All should provide shade or protection from the elements of weather.

Trees and shrubs, conifer and deciduous, all can play an important part of a park on the Prairies. Both as borders along walkways, and in clusters creating focus, beauty and shade. As well, colour changes through the seasons.

Trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers, rocks, gravel, objects of structure, stairs, bridges, different levels of the park will be used to balance the look of this green space. Lighting in the park is important for safety, design and colour. The west side of Moore's Shop Easy store would be an ideal spot for a large mural to tell the stories of the village of Forestburg.

Pictured below are examples of murals in Killam, the blue is on the side of the building on the south side of the Co-op Parking lot, and the other is an interior mural in the Smitty's restaurant.

Living in a northern prairie latitude, we welcome the sun yea round. Lights during the night on poles, trees and building can add a lot to the year round enjoyment oand beauty of a park. With the train station across the street, the park and the Station will compliment each other.

The support for the park will come from, Friends of the Battle River Railway, The Village of Forestburg, Communities in Bloom, Battle River Railway, Forestburg Masonic Lodge, Citizens at large, Government Grants (CIP), Moore's Shop Easy, and other area businesses.

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