The Friends of the Battle River Railway

Friend of the Battle River Railway is a not for profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Our volunteers are involved in all aspects of our train excursions, from serving on the board to hosting on the excursions or working as conductors and medics during the ride, and clean up of the hall and train after the event. The staff you meet on our excursions are all volunteers donating their time, skills and talents to share their love of this corner of rural Alberta with you.  

From behind the scenes planning, decorating to assisting guests to their seats and making each person on the train feel special, Battle River Train Excursions could not roll down the tracks without our dedicated volunteers who make it all possible.

Beyond the train excursions, Friends of the Battle River Railway is committed to strengthening the communities we live in. Towards this end, we foster and support culture and the arts in our community by hosting Cultural Nights at our Station in Forestburg. These Cultural Nights have featured local artists, authors and musicians of all ages. Providing them with a space and audience to showcase their work.

If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities with Friends of the Battle River Railway, contact us via email at or call us at 780-781-9260.  

Battle River Train Excursions is run by the Friends of the Battle River Railway, a registered not-for-profit organization.